Buffalo Golf Club "Aces"

Congratulations to all of our members who got a hole-in-one!

If your hole-in-one is missing from this list or some of the information is missing, please send an e-mail message to Paul Szydlowski: paulsid@roadrunner.com or Alan Mis: alan.mis@outlook.com with the specifics and we'll update the list. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see member aces at other golf courses.

Year Date Member Course Hole
2018 May 24 Paul Szydlowski Grover Cleveland 13
2017September 28Joe RiccioGrover Cleveland17
2016August 25Matt MaricondaGrover Cleveland13
2016July 9Jim BurzynskiGrover Cleveland13
2016?Tim BarrettGrover Cleveland?
2016?Dan KucharskiGrover Cleveland?
2016?John RappGrover Cleveland?
2015December 5Darryl GorskiGrover Cleveland13
2015August 23Brian FriesGrover Cleveland17
2015May 31Matt MaricondaGrover Cleveland3
2015?Joe ParisiGrover Cleveland?
2014July 27Tom FriesGrover Cleveland17
2014July 25Ed SchunkeGrover Cleveland17
2014?Denis LichtenbergerGrover Cleveland?
2011?Cleo King, Sr.Grover Cleveland?
2011?Ed SchunkeGrover Cleveland?
2010October 3Mark PiatkowskiGrover Cleveland7
2009?Tom CzerniejewskiGrover Cleveland?
2009?Bill KasinskiGrover Cleveland?
2008September 20Jeff SowinskiGrover Cleveland3
2007?Mike BassGrover Cleveland13
2006August 4Matt MaricondaGrover Cleveland17
2006?Mike BassGrover Cleveland6
2005?Dick StantonGrover Cleveland3
2003July 27Jim CapizziGrover Cleveland3
2001November 4Brian FriesGrover Cleveland3
1996?Dick StantonGrover Cleveland16
1992?Dave RaderGrover Cleveland6
??Joe BialekGrover Cleveland?
??Jim CapizziGrover Cleveland7
??Ken HupkowiczGrover Cleveland?
??Ted KolbertGrover Cleveland?

Year Date Member Course Hole
2018August 24Mike BassFox Valley14
2018April 11John ScintaThe Plantation - Florida9
2013?Dave RaderElma Meadows15
2003October 11Joe RiccioBeaver Island13

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