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Welcome! Some Buffalo Golf Club members have expressed an interest in being able to post tee time openings so that they could pair up with other BGC golfers. You will be able to post "open slots" that other BGC members can fill and you will be able to join BGC groups that have posted open slots in their foursome. You do need your BGC member password to use this system. You must be a current BGC member and your name must appear on the Members page of the BGC web site. Please make sure that you READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS before using. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.
Your contact person is Steve Prunella. steve@hi-q-webs.com Have fun!


  • Please read these instructions very carefully. When you have read, understood and are ready to follow these instructions for the use of this system, you will be able to join groups or post openings for other members to join.

  • This service is limited to BGC members. If your name does not appear on our web site's member list, you will not be able to post openings or join a group with openings.

  • This service DOES NOT RESERVE A TEE TIME FOR YOU. By using this sevice, you are joining a four-some that has already reserved a tee time through the county tee time system.

  • You can add yourself to a group that already has a COUNTY RESERVED TEE TIME and has posted openings.

  • You can also use the system to post your reserved tee time (with all 4 golfers listed) as a means of letting other golfers in your foursome know when they are playing, without having to contact them directly. Of course, your golfers must go to the BGC web site to check for this information (something that they can not do on the county system when all four slots are filled)

  • LEAD GOLFER: A "LEAD GOLFER": a BGC member that has reserved a tee time FOR FOUR GOLFERS through the County tee time system and wishes to allow other BGC members to join the foursome.

  • JOINER GOLFER: A "JOINER GOLFER" is a BGC member that wishes to join a group that has "open" tee time slots that a "LEAD GOLFER" has posted.

  • If you use the BGC Link-Up service and post open slots, any valid BGC member can add their name to your group as long as openings exist.

  • You can invite non member guests by filling one of the four slots with "guest" and still let other BGC members fill in the other unused open slots.

  • By using this service, you agree to follow the instructions outlined for "LEAD GOLFER" and "JOINER GOLFER", which will allow you to avoid conflicts and "over-booking".

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